Internal Transfer

Students wishing to transfer from another college at Cornell into the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S) must follow three steps:

  1. Determine Eligibility
  2. Review A&S College Requirements
  3. Submit an Application


  • You must be in good standing in your home college with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 and must earn at least a 2.7 in the semester during which you apply.
  • First-year students: The first opportunity to apply is at the end of your second semester. Applications submitted after a single semester will be denied.
  • Second-semester sophomores and juniors: If you apply to transfer as a second-semester sophomore or junior, you must submit documentation that you have been accepted into an A&S major (see below). Rising juniors or current juniors who are not ready to enter an A&S major will be denied.
  • External transfers to one of Cornell's other colleges/schools may only apply at the end of their second Cornell semester.
    • Note for external transfers: Students who transfer to Cornell from another institution must complete a minimum of four semesters in residence at Cornell and a minimum of two semesters in residence in A&S. Please review the A&S residency requirement.
  • Students on a leave of absence: If you are withdrawn from Cornell or on a required leave of absence from your home college, you must get permission to apply. Please email

Information Session

Interested students are strongly encouraged to attend an A&S Internal Transfer Information Session. Spring 2022 sessions will take place in February, March and April - dates TBD. 

Questions? Email us at:


  • Before applying, carefully review the degree requirements for the College of Arts & Sciences as well as the prerequisites and requirements for your intended major on the appropriate departmental website.
    • If you are interested in a major offered by more than one college (such as Computer Science, Biological Science, or Biology & Society), review the major and college requirements for each college that offers the major. Consider your related interests when selecting a college, especially if you are thinking about a second major. You may double major only in majors offered by the same college. Explore minors (A&S offers more than 60!) related to your academic and career interests - there may be more than one path to achieving your academic goals.
    • If you apply to transfer as a second-semester sophomore or as a junior, the Director of Undergraduate Studies in your intended major must either:
      • (1) submit documentation in the A&S' major database that you have been provisionally admitted to the major, or
      • (2) specify the conditions (coursework to be completed with required minimum grades) of your admission in an email to
    • Rising juniors, juniors, or rising seniors who are not ready to enter an A&S major will be denied.
  • As an internal transfer, you must spend four semesters at Cornell and two semesters as an A&S student, and complete both college and major requirements.
  • Note that the deadline to transfer for the upcoming semester is the last day of classes of the current semester.
  • Fill out the on-line transfer application, which includes a personal statement
  • We will review the academic records (high school and college) of all applicants to ensure appropriate preparation for the A&S curriculum.
  • Late Applications: Requests to apply after the official deadline should be sent to

Transfer to Another College

Current Arts & Sciences students who wish to explore the option of internally transferring to another college or school should contact the internal transfer coordinator of the target college or school.