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We're happy to know that you're considering a transfer to Cornell's College of Arts & Sciences.

Since you're interested in Cornell, we know that you've most likely taken a broad and challenging liberal arts curriculum during the year or more that you've spent at your current college or university. We know that you've already taken many courses, which could include writing, foreign languages, science, quantitative reasoning, social sciences and humanities. We can help you build on that educational foundation here. We are happy to review applications from students who have attended community colleges as well as other colleges and universities, and welcome international transfer students, as well.

Learn more about transferring to Cronell and explore the guide for transfer students.

While most of the information you'll need to know can be found at the links above, here are some facts that are specific to our College:

  • You will need to complete a minimum of 60 credits at Cornell and four semesters on our Ithaca campus.
  • We accept fall or spring transfers but don't offer interviews.
  • If you wish to transfer to the College of Arts & Sciences as a junior, you need to have fulfilled the pre-requisite coursework for your intended major. Information on major pre-requisites and requirements can be found in Cornell's Courses of Study
  • For more information on transfer credits, see Transferring Credits

I transferred to Cornell from a small, liberal arts university close to where I grew up, having decided that I wanted more opportunities to do research. When I saw how much more energy Cornell puts into welcoming the applications of potential transfer students, it was a natural top choice. - Matthew Farrell, Mathematics major