Sophia Giarrusso


Project Title: The Future School: Developing Educational Systems for the 21st Century 

Project Description: My project explores the development of educational systems for the myriad changes and challenges of the 21st century; I’ll be examining education as a practice and institution through four “lenses:” the psychology/neuroanatomy of learning, memory, and attention; the history and development of educational institutions in the States and throughout the world; the economics of education and how to fund and incentivize educational systems; and the integration of contemporary issues and new tools and techniques into schools.

Most Important Accomplishment: Solo traveling for three months this past summer! I went to Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ukraine, planning and paying for it on my own as I went—it was a blast, if a bit stressful, and invaluably educational.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar Program has been a wonderful opportunity to refine and explore my interdisciplinary interests. I’ve already met so many cool people in this program! I am incredibly excited to get to know them and learn about their projects.