Sasha Boguraev

Project Title: Determined Chaos

Project Description: Lying at the intersection of unified field theory and mathematical modeling, this project aims to gain insights into determinism and free will. Some of the longest rumbling debates in philosophy has centered around these topics, namely whether the minutia of our universe is determined by innate, underlying forces. My project seeks to address this question from a scientific perspective, namely using dynamical systems, chaos theory and quantum physics to abstractify our understanding of the universes many systems away from the classic humanistic perspective and to a more particle and force based one. Using this perspective, I hope to quantify some aspect of the systems in our universe, all the way from the most micro (subatomic particles) to the most macro (the universe and celestial bodies themselves), and the rules underlying their systems.

Most Important Accomplishment: I’m extremely proud to have both ran a marathon and hiked rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: Whilst I haven’t been in the college scholar program for long, I am already impressed by both the breadth and creativity of the projects and students I work with. Nowhere else at Cornell have a been a part of such a determined, hard-working and interesting group of individuals, and the conversations I have in class shape my thinking in a way that it hasn’t yet been moulded.