Prameela Kottapalli

Prameela Kottapall in a red top.

Project title: My Body, But Whose Choice? The Intersection Between Reproductive Justice and Immigrant Justice

Project description: My project will explore how access to reproductive justice and bodily autonomy interact with the US immigration system and the immigrant experience in this country. I’m looking to unpack the ways in which the framework of reproductive justice manifests in immigrant communities, and how structural inequality, political rhetoric, and socio-cultural perceptions affect immigrant mothers’ access to bodily autonomy. In doing so, I hope to synthesize and formulate solutions intended to help policymakers and advocates more comprehensively support immigrant women and families.

Most important accomplishment: Working alongside other students and my College Scholar faculty mentor to support immigrants detained at an ICE facility through visits, direct advocacy services, and a wide-reaching social media campaign.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar program allows me to dedicate every aspect of my academic career– from the classes I take to the research I conduct to the conversations I have with faculty mentors– to the issues I’m most passionate about. Through the program's unparalleled flexibility, I’m able to access a range of disciplines and opportunities that both inform my project and foster my personal and intellectual growth.