Peter Wenger

Project Title: Modern Implications of The Holocaust on American Life

Project Description: The Holocaust was one of the largest geopolitical, cultural, and historical events to take place in the modern era and I have realized that it continues to have massive impacts on American life today. From the United States’ policy decisions in the Middle East to the imagery presented on the silver screen, the Holocaust is a tuning fork that still vibrates through the modern era.Through College Scholar, I hope to use the Holocaust as a lens to better understand the complex facets that make up modern American Life.

Most Important Accomplishment: My most important accomplishment is when I was featured in the New York Times for a fashion collection I presented at New York Fashion Week. It was my fourth collection that I made, and it took me over a year to research, design, pattern, cut, and sew all of the menswear and womenswear pieces.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I was homeschooled for a majority of my K-12 education which allowed me to focus on passions such as fashion design. When I came to Cornell, it was incredibly exciting to learn that there was a program which would allow me to continue the type of independent work that I had grown to love. Being able to take whatever classes I want, without worrying about distribution requirements, has been incredibly liberating, and has contributed to the passion I bring to every course.