Peter Levine


Project Title: The Aesthetics of Visual Storytelling

Project Description: There are aesthetic choices that take place on every level of the production of a film: from the choice of adjectives to describe grass in a screenplay to the make of a car shown on screen, chosen by a production designer. Filmmakers that choose to control the artistic direction of their films on every level have come to be known as auteurs. Within the College Scholar Program, I will practice my filmmaking, writing, and design skills to a level where I can impact the aesthetics of a visual medium like film or television and begin to call myself an auteur.

Most Important Accomplishment: Being athletically recruited to Cornell University for Men’s Track and Field.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The program has made possible the pursuit of my niche academic interests by breaking the barriers between departments within The College of Arts & Sciences, and it has connected me with a group of similarly passionate and interdisciplinary scholars.