Sabine Haenni

Associate Professor 


Sabine Haenni, Associate Professor in the Department of Performing and Media Arts and the American Studies Program, is an interdisciplinary scholar broadly interested in how cinema and media address and intervene in social issues. She is the author of The Immigrant Scene: Ethnic Amusements in New York, 1880-1920 (University of Minnesota Press, 2008), which looks at the roles immigrant (and foreign-language) theatres as well as early cinema played in mediating a major wave of migration to the United States. She is also co-editor of Fifty Key American Films (Routledge, 2009), The Routledge Encyclopedia of Films (2014), and of a special issue on “New Images of the City” of the journal The Global South (vol. 9.2, 2015). And she has published on a wider range of topics, ranging from American immigrant fiction in the early 20th century, animals in silent film, and Hamlet in film, to questions of intermediality, cinematic aesthetics after 1968, the city symphony aesthetic of Alexander Kluge, Martin Scorsese, and more. She also serves as a contributing editor to the journal New German Critique, and serves on the advisory board of Mediapolis: a journal of cities and culture. 

She is currently completing a book manuscript, entitled The Location of Cinema: Mediterranean Marseille and the Geopolitics of Film History, which uses Marseille, the port city situated on the Northern edge of the Mediterranean that for much of the twentieth-century served as a key nodal point in Europe’s connections with its colonies in Africa and the Far East, to show how different (often transnational, minoritarian) stories become visible and audible when we look at cinema from a location other than centers of production and of power.

She is also working on two new projects. One examines what kinds of (transnational) public cultures and public spheres are created by film festivals around the Mediterranean. The other focuses on how cinema literally and figuratively creates new ways of looking at contemporary flows of migration.

At Cornell she teaches classes in world cinema, American cinema, migration and the arts, cinematic cities, film & media festivals, film genres (film noir, melodrama, the gangster film), and graduate seminars in film and media theory. 



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