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I study ancient philosophy--primarily ethics, politics, and moral psychology--and have mostly written about Plato on these topics, but I also have substantial interests in Aristotle and Stoicism, and in contemporary moral psychology.

My monograph, Plato's Moral Psychology: Intellectualism, the Divided Soul, and Desire for Good (OUP 2017), challenges a mainstream narrative according to which Socrates believes that we always do what we believe to be best, but Plato introduces good-independent motivations in order to accommodate phenomena like akratic action. I argue instead that Socrates AND Plato claim that we have a natural desire for good, that motivations conflicting with this desire are unwilling, and that Socrates "de-attributes" such conflicting motivations but Plato assigns them to non-rational parts of the soul, so that they still belong to the agent.  These non-rational parts also aim at the good--in keeping with Plato's teleological psychology--but under a limited conception.

My next project, 'Human Agency and Cause from Aristotle to Alexander' is to recover anti-determinist arguments in antiquity.

You can find penultimate drafts to my published papers on Academia.edu

As of July 1, 2022, I am editor of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.


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2017. Plato’s Moral Psychology:  Intellectualism, the Divided Soul, and the Desire for Good (Oxford)

            Articles and book chapters

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Forthcoming 2023. 'What is Compatible with What? Moral Responsibility Within Stoic Determinism' in M. Kiener (ed.) Routledge Handbook to Moral Responsibility.

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