Nick Admussen

Associate Professor


Nick Admussen holds an M.F.A. in poetry writing from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Ph. D. in East Asian Studies from Princeton. At Cornell, his teaching centers on Chinese literature and culture in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His research applies close reading, translation, techniques from sociology, and literary theory in an attempt to read and understand contemporary poetry, and by extension to invent and refine methods of interpretation through which people separated by linguistic or political distance can come to understand one another. His first book is on contemporary prose poetry, and his next research project will cover the poetics of stricture in contemporary China. He is also an essayist, poet and translator.


Scholarly Monograph

Recite and Refuse: Contemporary Chinese Prose Poetry. Honolulu: Hawaii University Press, 2016.


Journal Special Issue

"Lu Xun's Yecao: Layers of the Real," a special issue of the Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, vol. 11 no. 2, Spring 2014.


Selected Peer-Reviewed Essays

"Genre Occludes the Creation of Genre: Bing Xin, Tagore, and Prose Poetry," in the Oxford Handbook of Modern Chinese Literatures, eds. Andrea Bachner and Carlos Rojas. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016, p. 578-596.

"Introduction: The Title of Yecao" and "The Poetics of Hinting in Wild Grass" in the Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, vol. 11 no. 2, p. 8-12, 80-109.

"Trading Metaphors: Chinese Prose Poetry and the Reperiodization of the Twentieth Century" in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, vol. 22 no. 2, p. 88-129.

"A Music for Baihua: Lu Xun, Wild Grass, and 'A Good Story'" in Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, no. 31, p. 1-22.

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