Jean Sheng

Co-Founder, Spero&#039s Hope


Jean is co-founder of Spero's Hope, a New York City based not for profit organization dedicated to helping hourly workers become more economically self-sufficient by preparing them for better employment opportunities. Spero‚Äôs Hope provides career counseling services, resume development, interview coaching, identification of skills and career interests, and the referral of job openings to non-college-bound high school graduates to promote a successful job search. The 501(C)3 also offers select non-college educated individuals tuition assistance for certification of trade-oriented positions.   

Jean also volunteers as an account director for the Taproot Foundation, a nonprofit organization which provides pro bono HR consulting services to other nonprofit companies.

Jean has a B.A. from Cornell University and a M.A. from Harvard University. While at Cornell, she spent two years doing sleep research, but concluded that it was a difficult career path to become a sleep psychologist, staying awake all night to watch other people sleep.