Elaine Wethington

Professor Emerita and Graduate School Professor


I am Professor Emeritus (Active) of Human Development and of Sociology and Professor Gerontology in Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College. I am also an Adjunct Research Professor at the Survey Research Center, University of Michigan. As a medical sociologist, Since 2003, I have been Co-Director and Director of the Pilot Study Core for the Cornell Edward R. Roybal Center (currently the Translational Research Institute on Pain in Later Life). I study stress across the life course and how factors such as support from others may buffer the impact of stress on mental and physical health.  I have been interested in this topic for most of my career because it is a way to “translate” basic research into ways that can improve people’s health.  I am currently working on projects relating to work and family stress in young families, the impact of life events and stress on lifestyle and health behaviors, social relationships and support among older adults, disparities in the diffusion of curative care for Hepatitis C, and multi-level intervention designs to improve health. I am a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and of the Gerontological Society of America.

I collaborate with colleagues at Weill Cornell Medical College, the University of Michigan, the Jeb Brooks Policy School, and the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research to develop projects that aim to improve public health and promote equitable access to health care.   My research has been funded by the National Institute on Aging, the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, the National Institute on Food and Agriculture, Smith-Lever., and the Cornell Institute for the Social Sciences.

Research Focus

  • Medical Sociology
  • Sociology of Aging and the Life Course
  • Translational Research Methods


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