Carl Franck

Associate Professor


Experimental condensed matter and atomic physics, biological physics and liquid physics

Research Focus

Our group’s interests include the behavior of liquid, colloidal and living systems on length scales that are much greater than atomic.  A particular aim has been to understand the social behavior of microbes along with the physicochemical systems that enable their intercellular communication. 

A central focus of our current work is a new form of X-ray spectroscopy based on inelastic scattering coincident with deexcitation radiation. We believe that this is a potent approach for studying quantum matter. Here our focus is on correlated electron behavior and new photon effects in solids and atoms. 

One can find details of our current activities at .

Current Group Members

Johnathan Kuan (grad), Igor Segota (former grad, now postdoctoral scientist at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, San Diego) and undergrads: Kimberly Chen, Jared Gurba, Chase Goddard, Arthur Campello, Tiago Schaeffer (REU) and Yuchao Chen.


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