Olivia Breitkopf

Olivia Breitkopf in a blue shirt.

Project title: The Progression of Political Extremism in Social Movements: Radicalism and its Connection to Grassroots Movements

Project description: My project examines the social, cultural, and historical forces that spark extremist movements and can lead to human rights violations. I will be studying social movements that had varying degrees of success to determine viable movement structures and strategies. Ultimately, I hope to outline effective approaches that would improve the reach and efficiency of grassroots movements and counteract shifts toward extremism in the United States.

Most important accomplishment: My most important accomplishment is on its way

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar program has given me an invaluable opportunity to explore my interests and get the most out of my education. I am extremely grateful to be a part of this inspiring community that empowers each of us to grow intellectually and as individuals.