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Media source: The Atlantic

 Black Lives Matter protest, masked people holding signs of men who have been killed


America’s most destructive habit

Each time political minorities advocate for and achieve greater equality, conservatives rebel, trying to force a reinstatement of the status quo.
people protesting


3 tropes of white victimhood

History professor Lawrence Glickman writes in The Atlantic that in the conservative world, the idea that white people in the United States are under siege has become doctrine.
Person places flowers beneath a tree


What Sarah Everard’s Murder Illuminates—And Might Obscure

Writing in The Atlantic, Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, argues that we must consider why the Sarah Everard's murder case has attracted so much attention, to the exclusion of many others.
 Kamala Harris, holding a microphone on stage


Should I Feel Guilty About Judging Kamala Harris?

As a woman running for vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris will inevitably face attacks on her attitude, ethics, and even the tone of her voice, writes Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, in an op-ed in The Atlantic. Voters must undergo the process of trying to hold her accountable without being unfair.

 Yellow tape: Caution


The conservative campaign against safety

The coronavirus pandemic in the United States has reignited long-standing debates about the relationship between freedom and economic and personal security, Lawrence Glickman, professor of history and American studies, writes in The Atlantic.

 Hale County movie poster


The documentary that bucks Oscar trends—and still got a nomination

Samantha Sheppard, the Mary Armstrong Meduski assistant professor of performing & media arts, writes in The Atlantic about Oscar nominated film, "Hale County This Morning, This Evening," saying that the nod is a diversion from the Academy’s typical recognition of black cinema.