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Media source: Ezra Update

first generation students pose for photos at graduation


The ‘first-gen’ experience at Cornell

The Posse program in the College of Arts & Sciences is a key initiative in Cornell's outreach to first-generation students.
Holocaust survivor Renee Firestone talks with students at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy High School in Los Angeles


Alumni key to building Shoah archive and bringing access to Cornell

When Douglas Greenberg, M.A. '71, Ph.D. '74, was analyzing 6,000 court cases for his dissertation on crime and law enforcement in 18th-century New York City, computers were not in widespread use. But he realized technology could make his research more efficient.

Members of the The President's Council of Cornell Women


PCCW symposium features women in the arts

The President's Council of Cornell Women (PCCW) held a symposium centered on the arts, in Ithaca, March 4 to 6, and offered free events for the public.

Nina Terrero


From a career in law to a career in journalism: Alumna Nina Terrero shares her story

Terrero advises students not to worry too much about their career paths, but instead take the time to appreciate their fellow Cornellians.

Stephanie Czech Rader


WWII-era spy Stephanie Czech Rader '37 dies at age 100

Stephanie Czech Rader '37, a chemistry graduate who became a U.S. spy in Europe at the end of World War II, died Jan. 21 at the age of 100 at her home in Alexandria, Virginia.

Tony Brown


Alumnus cooks with food rather than polymers

Tony Brown's deep understanding of the scientific method has served him well as he's pursued careers in chemistry, consulting and cooking.

Brown '86, executive chef and proprietor of Macon Bistro and Larder in northwest Washington, D.C., said he's used the following method in everything from recipe creation to parenting.

Cathy Choi


Cathy Choi '93 used her major in theater as training for running a business

Cathy Choi '93 entered Cornell with numbers on her mind. But an English class cross-listed with theater turned Choi away from her planned math major. "I had never read a play before in my life, but I got bitten by the bug and really fell in love," says Choi. "I ended up as a theater major."