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Media source: Department of History

Ken Ruoff


Seymour lecture focuses on Japan’s Olympic history

Historian Ken Ruoff will discuss the Japan that was on display during the Olympics in 1940 and 1965 at this year’s Harold Seymour Lecture in Sports History.
A woman standing with her fist upraised at a protest at the White House


Should hatemongers and extremists have free speech rights? Cornell lecture

Hate speech is increasingly discouraged, even banned, by many institutions and media platforms. But allowing open forums for all speech -- including hate speech -- is essential to democracy.
Kevin Bloomfield in front of a book stack.
Kevin Bloomfield, History Ph.D. Candidate.


Researching the cultural impacts of climate change on Italy

Kevin Bloomfield, a Ph.D. candidate in history, publishes the paper - Beyond One-Way Determinism: San Frediano's Miracle and Climate Change in Central and Southern Italy in Late Antiquity, which examines the cultural impacts of climate change in Italy during the first millennium by studying scientific data and historical records.
Illustration in bright colors of a man on horseback


Ottoman history video reaches hundreds of thousands

Faculty member Mostafa Minawi collaborated with the TED_Ed team to create a short primer for students.