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Media source: Cornellians

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Institute of Politics and Global Affairs Wrestles with Today’s Thorniest Issues

Launched in 2019, the institute (known as IOPGA for short) aims to help develop and nurture the next generation of public servants, offering programs that delve into complex issues and events, stress bipartisanship, and raise understanding of domestic and international affairs.
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James Larison ’70, PhD ’01, Reflects on his Career as a Nature Filmmaker

In a new memoir, the NatGeo veteran recalls globe-trotting adventures—and warns of climate change.
Joseph Bruchac


Joseph Bruchac ’64, BA ’65, Explores the Native American Experience

Joseph Bruchac ’64, BA ’65, a member of the Abenaki tribe, has published more than 100 books in a wide variety of genres over a decades-long career.
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Alum memorialized with campaign to promote his made-up word

Neil Krieger ’62 coined a word during a freshman writing seminar more than six decades ago.
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Andrea Savage ’94 makes ’em laugh

Andrea Savage '94 is a a prolific actress and comedy writer.