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The Vast Machineries of Gene Regulation

Scientists had a hazy picture of the machinery that turns genes on and off. Franklin Pugh developed a sharp close-up that could change medicine.
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DJs, Linnaeus, and Plantation History

Professor Tao Leigh Goffe works at the intersection of environmental humanities, science, and technology. As a researcher, writer, and DJ, she is especially interested in histories of imperialism, migration, and globalization.
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The biology of hunger

Nilay Yapici, Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator in the Life Sciences and assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior, investigates the mysterious brain-body connections that regulate eating behavior.
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Taming fluorine: New nano materials for drug synthesis

With support from the National Institutes of Health, Phillip J. Milner, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, is developing metal-organic frameworks—a class of porous, crystalline nanomaterials—that can stabilize volatile fluorine-containing reagents.
Book cover: The Practice of Citizenship


Black activism and early American media

Studying Black Americans’ use of print media in the nineteenth century, Derrick Spires finds parallels with modern social movements.
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The Emperor’s Closet—Power and Storage

Astrid Van Oyen, a classical archaeologist and assistant professor in the department of classics, explores Rome’s tumultuous transition from republic to empire through everyday objects—namely storage systems— in her recent book.
 Mukoma Wa Ngugi


Africans, African Americans, and the History of Slavery

In his poetry, fiction and essays, and Mukoma Wa Ngugi, associate professor of English, asks why tensions endure between Africans and African Americans despite a history of common political struggle. In this Cornell Research article, he talks about his first encounters with what it meant to be Black in the United States——in his father’s library in Kenya, reading James Baldwin and Richard Wright and issues of Ebony and Jet.

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Data-Driven Exploration of Dynamic Biological Processes

Tackling challenges in understanding biological processes require sophisticated dimension-reduction techniques that are biologically meaningful, computationally efficient, and allow uncertainty quantification, says a