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Tiny spores full of promise

Eileen Tzng, an undergraduate in the Pawlowska lab, is intent on understanding the relationship between fungal spores and the bacteria they harbor.
 Kyle Shen


Engineering novel hybrid superconductors

The Shen lab leverages unique experimental capabilities to detect and investigate systems in which superconductivity may be fragile or exist only at surfaces or interfaces.


Looking for love, finding TNT

African pouched rats have an extraordinary talent for finding land mines. Alexander Ophir explores why they are so good at detecting explosives.
Alex Townsend


Computing with rational functions

Rational functions are a mainstay of computational mathematics. As a result of recent breakthroughs, however, rational functions are now poised to become a central computational mathematics tool
Blue oblong shapes (bacteria magnified)


Moonlighting proteins

Brianna Johnson ’21, who has had her own battles with diseases caused by microscopic organisms, found a passion for trying to understand their impacts and intricacies through biological sciences research.
Books in a display case; colored cloth background


There’s no syllabus for this

Supporting community-engaged learning at Cornell, Amber Haywood ’21 found a way to put her values into action.


The vast machineries of gene regulation

Scientists had a hazy picture of the machinery that turns genes on and off. Franklin Pugh developed a sharp close-up that could change medicine.
Sky full of stars, time lapse, over palm trees


DJs, Linnaeus, and Plantation History

Professor Tao Leigh Goffe works at the intersection of environmental humanities, science, and technology. As a researcher, writer, and DJ, she is especially interested in histories of imperialism, migration, and globalization.
hand holding fork with food on it


The biology of hunger

Nilay Yapici, Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator in the Life Sciences and assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior, investigates the mysterious brain-body connections that regulate eating behavior.
Book cover: The Practice of Citizenship


Black activism and early American media

Studying Black Americans’ use of print media in the nineteenth century, Derrick Spires finds parallels with modern social movements.
model of a molecule


Taming fluorine: New nano materials for drug synthesis

With support from the National Institutes of Health, Phillip J. Milner, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, is developing metal-organic frameworks—a class of porous, crystalline nanomaterials—that can stabilize volatile fluorine-containing reagents.
 Lines of giant ceramic jars sunken into the earth


The Emperor’s Closet—Power and Storage

Astrid Van Oyen, a classical archaeologist and assistant professor in the department of classics, explores Rome’s tumultuous transition from republic to empire through everyday objects—namely storage systems— in her recent book.