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 Person posing in royal uniform


After targeting king’s legitimacy, Thai protest hits at his wealth

Protesters in Thailand are accelerating their campaigns against the government by planning a rally in front of a key agency building on Wednesday.

Tamara Loos, professor of history and Thai studies at Cornell University, says that by picking this specific location protesters want to strike a blow to the financial basis for the king’s power and wealth.

 Large concrete dish set in lush hills


NSF to decommission Cornell-designed Arecibo telescope

The large Cornell-designed telescopic “ear” at Arecibo, Puerto Rico, which listened for the enlightening crackle of the cosmos for nearly six decades, now hears silence.

 BOOK COVER: The Early Martyr Narratives


Roman historian views early martyr narratives as ‘living texts’

Prof. Rebillard found that the texts were mostly composed long after the time of persecution, in contexts of peace for Christians.
 Clock tower against a night sky


Students find academic home in Study Away

International Study Away students are based at a partner university in their home country or region.
 Artwork featuring tree roots that look like a basket weave with words floating across them.


Students' creative work on climate change, COVID chosen for journal

“The main takeaway that I got from this class was how interconnected we are with the Earth."
 Person wearing blue on a stage


Facebook, Twitter face Senate: will they stop fake-news avalanche?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about actions their companies have taken to stem the spread of misinformation in the lead up to and following the U.S. election.

 prison wall with wire


Abolitionist scholars featured in two virtual events, Nov. 19 & 20

Abolitionists envision a world in which police, prisons and border control do not exist and all people are emancipated; a world where racial capitalism does not operate, and the promotion of collective well-being is the organizing principle of society. 

 Poster shows a black and white photo of Shirley Chisholm with the words “Shirley for President. Unbought and unbossed 1972.”


Africana Studies course explores Black women leaders through podcasts

When Africana Studies professor Carole Boyce-Davies developed her Black Women and Political Leadership course in 2017, she knew she was expanding into relatively untouched territory. 

 Person cross country skiing


Biathlon e-book aims for insight

Craig Wiggers grew up in Alabama. During his 25-year career in the U.S. Marines he served in Iraq and Afghanistan. So when he moved to Ithaca as a Cornell ROTC instructor in 2012, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with snow.

“At first my wife and I spent our winters staring at the walls and waiting for spring,” said Wiggers, now director of administration at the Department of Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S).

 People protest with signs in Spanish


Presidential ousting atypical even in turbulent, corruption-plagued Peru

With the weekend’s resignation of its interim president, Peru plunged into a constitutional crisis that Kenneth Roberts, professor of comparative and Latin American politics at Cornell University, says is much more than just another cycle of political instability for the country.

 computer showing statistics


In defense of pollsters

In an op-ed in Fortune, Baobao Zhang, Klarman Postdoctoral Fellow in government discusses recent widespread criticism of the polling industry following the 2020 election.

 Abstract shape pattern in shades of gray


Shapes of Mathematical Elegance

"In mathematics, somehow the truth often appears beautiful. It’s nice to have something where beauty and the truth usually coincide.”
 candle and flame


Micky Falkson, senior lecturer in economics, dies at 83

Micky Falkson, a senior lecturer in the Department of Economics and one of its longest-serving faculty members, died at home in Ithaca Nov. 7. He was 83.

 Book cover: Through Japanese Eyes


Anthropologist examines aging in U.S. ‘Through Japanese Eyes’

Older people occupied a significant part of life for Yohko Tsuji Ph.D. '91 when she was growing up in Japan. Her widowed grandmother lived with the family, creating a traditional three-generation household, and elders were a positive part of daily life.

 student sitting under a tree on campus


The Case for a Higher Education Bailout

The financial crisis in higher education hurts all of us, writes Caroline Levine, professor of English, in an Inside Higher Ed op-ed. There’s one clear solution, she says.

 Chiara Galli


Klarman fellow Galli investigating child migration

"We are witnessing the demise of the U.S. asylum process."
 Alex Marin Vidal


Alumnus talks with students about game design career

Alex Marin ‘06, the director of strategy and business intelligence at Activision Blizzard, spoke with Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity students on Oct. 21 about his career in game design. Marin’s session was part of the Milstein Program’s “Future You Speaker Series” which features current Cornell students and alumni who have launched projects and careers at the nexus of technology and the humanities.