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Roper Center hosts forum on public opinion polling

While some consider public opinion polls critical to democratic accountability, others question the ability of today’s pollsters to accurately reflect the public’s preferences on issues and candidates.

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“Off-Campus/On Screen" films have encore presentation Jan. 24

Morales is excited to be a first-year student at Cornell, but she’s experiencing her first semester online from her apartment in the Bronx. Her parents have lost their jobs, so she and her sister are working part-time to support the family. And she’s tired of hearing other students say “we’re all in the same boat,” because, frankly, her boat seems a lot less seaworthy than many of her classmates.’

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Police ‘unprepared’ and possibly ‘complicit’ in Capitol breach

U.S. Capitol Police failed to stop a mob of Trump supporters from breaching the Capitol building on Wednesday and disrupting Congress’ final electoral count.

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Ray Kim named new director of advising in A&S

Kim looks forward to leading the advising staff as they work to support students during this challenging time.
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My fitness journey at Cornell

“Are you not going out to play basketball with your friends today?” my mom asked me, as she searched for something from my room. 

 “I’m just feeling a bit tired today, I’ll join them next time,” I remarked, as I perused through a list of the “best comedy movies over the last century.” 

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Center’s grants seed diverse research in the social sciences

How do perceptions of luck shape views about inequality and redistribution? Could interventions nudge hiring managers to evaluate job candidates blindly, and thus more objectively? Has remote instruction during the pandemic improved student interactions and equity in science labs?

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Southern politics, slim margins to force ‘tricky choices’ in Congress

Georgia will elect two senators on Jan. 5 in a highly anticipated run-off election that will determine party control of the Senate.

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Electoral vote will be certified, but violence is inevitable

The results of the November 2020 elections are schedule to be certified by Congress this week, as allies of President Trump seek to delegitimize the election and the president was revealed to have pressured Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find more votes” for him.

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Data on armed conflict reveals patterns in violent chaos

Chaos and uncertainty are hallmarks of armed conflict. But new research that ties together multiple aspects of political violence reveals universal dynamics in how conflicts emerge and expand. The work provides a statistical framework that could one day help anticipate deadly violence.

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Students petition for refugee’s release from detention center

A group of Cornell students have launched a campaign to free a Salvadoran woman in a detention center whom they befriended through a class focused on refugees and immigration.

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Sex peptide causes female fruit fly’s gut to grow

Scientists have known that females of many species eat more to meet the demands of reproduction, and that females undergo widespread physiological and behavioral changes after mating. The mechanisms of these changes, however, are not well understood.

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2020 in review: COVID-19 was the story

The first mention of the word “coronavirus” in a Cornell Chronicle story in 2020 came on Jan. 29, when the university designated mainland China as an elevated-risk destination, and imposed travel restrictions on students, faculty and staff.

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Professor chases plastic all the way to Ultimate Hall of Fame

“There’s a state of awe, an expansiveness. Because in that moment, you expanded your conception of yourself.”
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A&S students compete in December business competitions

A total of 17 entrepreneurial students from the College of Arts & Sciences were part of teams who shared plans for new businesses in two online December events — the Big Idea Competition and eLab Early Stage Pitch event.

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Professor shares immersive VR project to fight racism


Courtney Cogburn, associate professor of social work at Columbia University and director of “1000 Cut Journey,” shared her story about creating the virtual-reality experience during a November webinar with students in the Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity.

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Physics without fear: a course for students across disciplines

Holmes hopes that students will take a positive, informed view of physics with them into their careers.
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Celebrating December grads after ‘a semester like no other’

On Dec. 19, nearly 1,500 Cornell students celebrated their winter graduation in a virtual recognition ceremony viewed around the world – the first such event at Cornell, and a fitting end to what President Martha E. Pollack called “a semester like no other at Cornell.”

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NYC takes ‘significant, systemic steps’ toward desegregation of schools

Today, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced major changes to the way the city’s middle and high schools admit their students. Those changes include eliminating all admissions screens for middle schools for at least one year; eliminating a policy that allows some high schools to give students who live nearby first claim at spots in the school; and issuing grants to be used by schools to develop diversity and integration plans.

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White House order to loosen occupational licensing burdens

The White House issued an executive order this week requiring state and local governments to issue occupational licenses to workers who have received a similar license in another jurisdiction — as long as they are in good standing. The goal of the new order is to increase economic and geographic mobility.