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Ben Sandkam


New Faculty: Ben Sandkam

Ben Sandkam, Neurobiology and Behavior
The Cornell Daily Sun office in the Ithaca Commons.


Spirit Off-Campus: Cornell in Ithaca

Happy almost Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, sophomore Julia Curley discusses why she is so grateful for the spirit of interconnectedness that links Cornell with the greater community in Ithaca, NY.

By: Julia Curley '19

Cornell student in cold weather


"I have become tenacious in pursuit of my dreams, most of which I didn't even know I had until coming here."

Jasmine Edison '15 

Major: Music
Hometown: Warner Robins, GA

Why did you choose Cornell?

Klarman Hall atrium: the Admissions and Academic Advising Center


Arts and Sciences Advising Deans: A "Ray" of Sunshine

It's finally spring here in Ithaca and that means that admitted students are coming from far and wide to visit Cornell's campus for Cornell Days! Some of the most popular events during Cornell Days are the info sessions, which are hosted by Advising Deans and Ambassadors for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Fuertes Observatory on North Campus


ASTRO 1195: Observational Astronomy

By: Isabel Caro '18 As a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, I am expected to take some math/science courses to fulfill certain requirements. I decided to choose these courses wisely and have some fun – so I enrolled in Astronomy 1195: Observational Astronomy. ASTRO 1195 is an introductory course that gives students (like me!) the opportunity to learn about the intricacies of outer space.

Man sceaming


The Big Screeeeam

I'll be honest with you: I think of myself as a true Cornellian. "Big Red Blood flows through my veins" (well, technically my arteries). Basically, I love almost everything about this place.

Finals are an exception.

I took this photo outside of the government building, White Hall, after my class on the American Presidency this year.


Why Cornell? Ambassador Renee Answers...

This week, Renee explains why she chose Cornell, after a visit to campus in high school.

By Renee Girard '20, Government, Law and Society and Public Policy major

LSE library, interior shot.


London, England: Looking Forward

In the last post of the year, junior Meredith guides us through how she came to decide to study abroad in London next semester. Thank you all for following our blog this year, and happy holidays!

By Meredith Chagares '19, History major, Business and Law & Society double minor

Liliana Colanzi


New Faculty: Liliana Colanzi

Liliana Colanzi, Romance Studies
A magical view of West Campus (Haris Hasan, SHA '18)


The "Hogwarts Effect"

This week, sophomore Yousef Anwer describes how his interdisciplinary experience at Cornell has been utterly magical...

By: Yousef Anwer '19, Economics major, Law and Society minor

bench in the Fromme Lab


Spotlight on: BIOG4990: Independent Undergraduate Research in Biology

This week, junior Solveig Van der Vegt writes about her experience conducting undergraduate research as a member of the Fromme Lab. Through the Office of Undergraduate Biology, Solveig and many other Cornell students are able to earn academic credit while also working on their own independent projects.

By: Solveig Van der Vegt '18

Anthony Halmon


"Cornell has helped me to think big, but start small."

Anthony Halmon '17

Major: Africana Studies
Hometown: Chicago 

How did you decide on your major? Have your plans changed since you started Cornell?

House dinner festivities in Hans Bethe House.


Working on West Campus: A Student Assistant's Perspective

As the semester heats up (figuratively and literally - it's 65 degrees here in Ithaca!), we've asked Ambassadors to take a break from classwork and share their experiences with "Work and Community Service" on campus during the month of March. Senior Sarah Marie Bruno starts us off with a post about her experience as a Student Assistant in Hans Bethe House. Enjoy!

By: Sarah Marie Bruno '16


"Hopefully one day I can help to change people's lives for the better."

Connor Foster '15 

Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Woodbridge, CT

Why did you choose Cornell?

My friends and I bought a LOT of food this year.


Spotlight on Ithaca: Apple Fest

By: Julia Montejo '17

A group of students observe an object on the floor


"We are learning for life."

The Value of a Liberal Arts Education 

Rose Hanson '15


"My education gave me the ability to learn about the world, not just my field."

Rose Hanson '15

Major: History
Hometown: Anchorage, AK

Why did you choose Cornell?

Claire Stack '15


"I have found a place where I do what I love every single day."

Claire Stack '15 says that while at the Schwartz Center, "I had the opportunity to work with some of the kindest and most talented people I have ever come across."

Downtown Chicago and a view of the river.


Arts & Sciences & Healthcare & Business

In our last post of the year, junior Zoee shares her excitement for a summer internship in healthcare consulting, not necessarily a position of her utmost expertise but one Arts and Sciences' holistic education helped her attain.  By Zoee D'Costa '19, Biology & Society major, Psychology minor

Me and my friends at our very first Cornell basketball game, celebrating the start of second semester freshman year.


Creating My Own Identity Amidst Cornell's Diversity

This week, junior Jady looks back at her time at Cornell thus far, and shares how she was able to make the vast campus her own through classes, clubs, and friends. 

By Jady Wei '19, Economics and Government double major, Law & Society minor