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 A view of the Weill Hall, where the Fromme Lab is housed, on a warm February afternoon!


Biochemistry Research and Honors Thesis

This week, senior Solveig writes about her excitement over being able to produce a physical proof of her two years worth of biochemistry research – an honors thesis.

By Solveig van der Vegt '18, Biological Sciences major, Mathematics minor

 Julian Kroll '20, Government and Philosophy double major


Validating and Examining My LGBTQ Experience Through Academics and Social Life at Cornell

For April, we focus on the theme of diversity. Ambassadors will share times at which they felt that diversity is important in Arts and Sciences, and what life at Cornell is like as a minority, whether that be in terms of race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or perspective. This week, Sophomore Julian discusses how his academic and social experiences at Cornell have helped him process, validate, and examine his identity as an openly gay student. 

 Oxford University


Off to Oxford!

Can you believe it's already May? In the final month of this academic year, ambassadors will tell us what adventures await them this summer or, for some, after graduation. Senior Solveig starts us off by sharing how Cornell and Arts and Sciences helped prepare her for what lies ahead at Oxford. 

By Solveig van der Vegt ’18, Biological Sciences major, Mathematics minor

 Me presenting research at the Boyce Thompson Institute Plant Genomics Summer Research Symposium last summer!


Kidney Research Internship: Branching Out from the Comfort of Cornell

This week, sophomore Dean talks about exciting new opportunities that await him this summer and how Arts and Sciences has helped him step out of his comfort zone and challenge himself. 

By Dean Kim '20, Chemistry major, East Asian Studies minor

 Book spines.


It Is Okay to Not Know What You Want to Do

Sydney, one of our graduating seniors, discusses how Arts and Sciences has instilled in her a true passion for learning, a quality she hopes to take with her to whatever field she ultimately decides to pursue.

By Sydney Mann '18, American Studies major, English minor

 Downtown Chicago and a view of the river.


Arts & Sciences & Healthcare & Business

In our last post of the year, junior Zoee shares her excitement for a summer internship in healthcare consulting, not necessarily a position of her utmost expertise but one Arts and Sciences' holistic education helped her attain.  By Zoee D'Costa '19, Biology & Society major, Psychology minor

 Woodstock Cave, Cape Town


Summer Adventure Series: Ambassador Shoshana spent her Summer in Cape Town, South Africa

For October, we ask our ambassadors how they spent this past summer. This week Shoshana takes us across the ocean to her experience at Eventerprise, a startup where she developed her design skills.

By Shoshana Swell '20, Information Science and Performing and Media Arts

 Poster presentation at UAB.


Kidney Stone Research: A Blast in Birmingham

This week, Dean Kim takes us inside his summer experience as a medical research assistant.

By Dean Kim '20, Chemistry and East Asian Studies

  A large part of my summer was spent doing surveys on various Kenai Peninsula lakes for an invasive, aquatic plant called elodea. I was also able to enjoy some incredible scenery while on the job.


Both Work and Fun: Watershed Conservation in Alaska

This week, Ambassador Tait Stevenson tells us how he spent his summer in Alaska, supporting watershed conservation with creativity. 

By Tait Stevenson '20, Biological Sciences (Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Concentration)

 During freshman orientation, my dad took this classic photo near the entrance to campus from Collegetown.


Why Cornell? Ambassador Vishal Answers...

With the regular decision deadline fast approaching, the A&S Ambassadors hope to make the application decision a bit easier for prospective students. Every Cornell student has a story. This week, Vishal tells us why he chose Cornell.

By Vishal Sundaram '21, Chemistry and Chemical Biology major

  I took this photo outside of the government building, White Hall, after my class on the American Presidency this year.


Why Cornell? Ambassador Renee Answers...

This week, Renee explains why she chose Cornell, after a visit to campus in high school.

By Renee Girard '20, Government, Law and Society and Public Policy major

 Study spaces within the Tatkon Center


The Carol Tatkon Center: A Great Resource at Cornell

This week, Ambassador Meredith explains why the Carol Tatkon Center is such a useful resource for students at Cornell.

By Meredith Chagares ’19, History major

 The beautiful view from the Arts Quad on Cornell's campus.


Why I Chose Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences

This week, Ambassador Eugene writes about how he made the decision to attend the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell.

By Eugene Kim '21, Biological Sciences major

 Willard Straight Hall Resource Center


My Favorite Resources on Campus

This week, Ambassador Ishi writes about some of her favorite resources on campus.

By Ishi Aron '19, Biological Sciences major

 Here is a photo of me on my Cornell tour!


Why Cornell? Ambassador Nick Answers

This week, Ambassador Nick explains how he made the decision to attend Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences. 

By Nick Smith '20, Economics major

 Chemistry equipment, glass tubes


My Favorite Class at Cornell

This week, Ambassador Eric writes about his favorite class at Cornell.

By Eric Shen ’20 Physics, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Music majors