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Suraj Malladi


New Faculty: Suraj Malladi

Suraj Malladi, Economics
 Here I am (bottom center) hanging out with friends in Clara Dickson Hall!


Spotlight on: North Campus

This week, Ellie Schmucker '19 describes her love for North Campus, which houses all Cornell freshman. North Campus provides a unique community where first-year students live and learn together. Ellie's message to freshman and incoming Cornellians is clear: don't take your experience on North Campus for granted!

By: Ellie Schmucker '19

 Eiffel tower


Looking to the Fall: Studying Abroad in Paris

Here on campus, we've just started our finals period! Even in the midst of exams and papers, though, our ambassadors are looking ahead. Sophomore Shanna Smith discusses her plans to study abroad next semester, all while juggling the requirements of being a biology major on a pre-med track!

By: Shanna Smith '18

 The Japanese crew


Living and Learning in the Japanese Language House

As the holidays approach and we close out the semester here at Cornell, and as prospective high school seniors put the finishing touches on their college applications, we thought it would be nice to focus on the things we love most about Cornell. This first post is from sophomore Jendayi Brooks-Flemister, who writes about her experience living in the Japanese Language House on West Campus. Enjoy and happy holidays!

By: Jendayi Brooks-Flemister '18


"A liberal arts education encourages engagement and experimentation."

Carlos Kong '15

Majors: Comparative Literature & History of Art
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Why did you choose Cornell?

 Here is a photo of me on my Cornell tour!


Why Cornell? Ambassador Nick Answers

This week, Ambassador Nick explains how he made the decision to attend Cornell's College of Arts and Sciences. 

By Nick Smith '20, Economics major

 Smiling after an intense (and sweaty!) class with my Zumba mentors at my hometown studio.


My Zumba Instructor Journey: Dancing my way from California to Cornell!

In our last post of the month, senior Hadassa writes about her journey of becoming a veteran Zumba instructor at Cornell. 

By Hadassa Jakher '18, Government and Spanish double major, International Relations and Law & Society double minor


The College Years of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, a Founder of Queer Theory

The advent of queer theory “caused a shock wave which has affected all intellectual disciplines,” as Didier Eribon, a leading French intellectual, once said. A look back at the undergraduate years of Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, ‘71, a founder of queer theory, reveals a unique glimpse of where that shock wave first began.

 Professor Richardson created a syllabus that does double duty as a research guide!


How to Complete Distribution Requirements While Watching Music Videos

Writing on the theme of "Easing Back into Classes," junior Sheyla tells us about an exciting class on Beyoncé, intersectional identity, and feminism. 

By Sheyla Finkner '19, Biology and Society major

Ben Sandkam


New Faculty: Ben Sandkam

Ben Sandkam, Neurobiology and Behavior
 Here I am posing with some of my teammates - I'm the one in the middle!


The Spirit of Camaraderie

This week, junior Chelsea Sincox writes about the spirit of the Big Red and her experience as a member of the varsity women's volleyball team. Let's Go Red!

By: Chelsea Sincox '18

 Balch Hall


Spotlight on Balch Hall: The Freshman Women's Dorm

By: Solveig van der Vegt '18

 Roslyn Jin '15


"I am constantly inspired by the intelligence, motivation, and kindness exhibited by my fellow Cornellians."

Roslyn Jin '15

Major: China & Asia-Pacific Studies
Hometown: Great Neck, NY  

Why did you choose Cornell?

 Danielle Burgess '15


"Research has given me confidence in my analytical abilities."

Danielle Burgess '15

Major: Linguistics

Hometown: Horseheads, NY

Why did you choose Cornell?

I attended the Cornell Summer College program after my junior year of high school and experiencing the beautiful campus that summer, along with meeting so many thoughtful and ambitious peers and faculty, really solidified in my mind that Cornell would be a great place for me.

 During freshman orientation, my dad took this classic photo near the entrance to campus from Collegetown.


Why Cornell? Ambassador Vishal Answers...

With the regular decision deadline fast approaching, the A&S Ambassadors hope to make the application decision a bit easier for prospective students. Every Cornell student has a story. This week, Vishal tells us why he chose Cornell.

By Vishal Sundaram '21, Chemistry and Chemical Biology major

 Punting on a sunny afternoon at Cherwell River.


Oxford, England: Cultivating Knowledge for the Sake of Knowledge

This week, senior Arlinda takes us to England, where she was able to expand her study of philosophy through courses and professors at the University of Oxford.

By Arlinda Shehu '18, Philosophy and Psychology double major

Liliana Colanzi


New Faculty: Liliana Colanzi

Liliana Colanzi, Romance Studies