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Byline: Kate Manne

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Diet Culture Is Unhealthy. It’s Also Immoral.

In a New York Times op-ed, Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, writes about personal and philosophical pressures placed on body image.
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What Sarah Everard’s Murder Illuminates—And Might Obscure

Writing in The Atlantic, Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, argues that we must consider why the Sarah Everard's murder case has attracted so much attention, to the exclusion of many others.
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Female victims are people in their own right – not just some man's wife, mother, sister or daughter

We should care about rape simply insofar as it harms many and various human beings, Manne writes in an op-ed.
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Trump obsesses over ‘dominating’ covid-19 because he wants to look manly

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, analyzes President Trump’s attitude toward covid-19.

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Should I Feel Guilty About Judging Kamala Harris?

As a woman running for vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris will inevitably face attacks on her attitude, ethics, and even the tone of her voice, writes Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, in an op-ed in The Atlantic. Voters must undergo the process of trying to hold her accountable without being unfair.

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There’s nothing radical about a female vice president

From Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election to the failure of the Democratic Party to choose a female candidate for 2020 despite an abundance of qualified women, the past few years have been disappointing to those who believe a female president is long overdue, writes Kate Manne, associate professor of philosophy, in a New York Times op-ed.

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Warren succeeded because voters saw her as caring. That’s also why she failed.

The perception of Elizabeth Warren as exceptionally considerate and competent helped her to lead the polls by October.

 Kate Manne, assistant professor of philosophy


It’s the sexism, stupid

Cornell philosopher Kate Manne, author of "Down GIrl: The Logic of Misogyny," explains in this Politico op-ed why men are dominating the field of candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential primary. 


Brett Kavanaugh and America’s ‘Himpathy’ Reckoning

Kate Manne, an assistant professor of philosophy at Cornell University, wrote an opinion piece for CNN Online surrounding issues of gender and power in politics.


Eric Schneiderman and the meaning of strangulation

In this New York Times opinion piece, Kate Manne, assistant professor of philosophy, explores the allegations against the former New York attorney general and the false labeling of his alleged assaults as "choking."

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Salma Hayek was destroyed by the same shame that protected Harvey Weinstein

Cornell philosopher Kate Manne, author of "Down GIrl: The Logic of Misogyny," explains in this Newsweek editorial why powerful men get away with abusing women for decades, such as Salma Hayek's treatment from Harvey Weinstein. 

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Manne on Williams' "Moral Luck"

"Forgiving Masters"