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Byline: Jim Hanchett

 "I Voted" sticker on a coat lapel


Where red and blue meet: cancel culture, fair elections

A new survey of American voters finds glimmers of hope that Democrats and Republicans can agree on steps needed to shore up an increasingly shaky democracy.
Report cover: "Bipartisan Policy Review"


Bipartisan Policy Review spotlights U.S. foreign policy options

The annual publication, now in its third edition, is produced by the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs (IOPGA) at the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy to "give voice to policy insights that are often drowned out in the partisan echo chamber.”
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International OK shapes public perceptions of drone warfare

Government department researchers find that armed drone strikes earn more public support and legitimacy when they have international approval from organizations such as the UN.
Unmanned aerial vehicle parked on a runway


Panel: Drone warfare is increasingly sophisticated, deadly

Policymakers, legislators and military strategists must prepare for the consequences of other countries and actors such as the Islamic State using drones, according to panelists in a Cornell discussion March 14.
Bill Taylor


Ex-Ukraine ambassador offers gloomy view, sliver of hope

At a Cornell event on Feb. 22, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor said Russian President Vladimir Putin appears intent on provoking a “horrific conflict,” but that he holds out hope for a diplomatic path that would avert all-out war.
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Fact checks effectively counter COVID misinformation

Journalistic fact checks are a more effective counter to COVID-19 misinformation than the false news tags commonly used by social media outlets, according to new Cornell research.