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Byline: Jackie Swift

Christine Bacareza Balance


Filipino Performance Culture

Christine Bacareza Balance explores the rich milieu of the arts and of sensational politics in Filipino culture and history.
woman at waterfall


Cornell celebrates bumper crop of Fulbright students

Seven 2021 graduates and recent Cornell alumni accepted Fulbright U.S. Student awards to research, study or teach English during the 2021-22 academic year, 15 were chosen for 2022-23.
Illustration of a telescope in space


Glowing Planets and Chemical Fingerprints

Nikole Lewis will be one of the first to characterize distant exoplanets using infrared data from the newly launched James Webb Space Telescope.
Golden DNA double helix


DNA Shredder for Gene Therapy

Ailong Ke explores the naturally occurring CRISPR-Cas3 system and its potential to treat human disease at the genetic level.
Phone screen showing Twitter logo, dark background


Xenophobia meter aims to track anti-immigrant hate speech

With funding from Global Cornell, the Xenophobia Meter project aims to track online anti-immigrant hate speech in real time using machine learning.
Michelle Wang


Forces That Drive the DNA Highway

Motor proteins carry out vital biological processes as they travel along our DNA strands. Michelle Wang investigates the mysteries of how they move.


Looking for love, finding TNT

African pouched rats have an extraordinary talent for finding land mines. Alexander Ophir explores why they are so good at detecting explosives.


The vast machineries of gene regulation

Scientists had a hazy picture of the machinery that turns genes on and off. Franklin Pugh developed a sharp close-up that could change medicine.
Sky full of stars, time lapse, over palm trees


DJs, Linnaeus, and Plantation History

Professor Tao Leigh Goffe works at the intersection of environmental humanities, science, and technology. As a researcher, writer, and DJ, she is especially interested in histories of imperialism, migration, and globalization.
hand holding fork with food on it


The biology of hunger

Nilay Yapici, Nancy and Peter Meinig Family Investigator in the Life Sciences and assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior, investigates the mysterious brain-body connections that regulate eating behavior.
Book cover: The Practice of Citizenship


Black activism and early American media

Studying Black Americans’ use of print media in the nineteenth century, Derrick Spires finds parallels with modern social movements.
 Noliwe Rooks


Investigating the Lived Experience

Noliwe M. Rooks, the W.E.B. Du Bois Professor of Literature in Africana Studies and the American Studies Program, knows that the lived experience can be the spark that leads to scientific insight and award-winning scholarly writing.

 Thomas Hartman


An Exciting Mysterious World—Spacetime

Thomas Hartman, assistant professor of physics, studies high-energy theoretical physics. His goal, he explains in this article in Cornell Research, is to bring to light the fundamental properties of nature, which derive from the subatomic world of quantum physics.

 Person using phone and laptop.


The power of social connections

How do lobbyists influence congress, and how do we estimate the reach of social networks?