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Byline: Bryn Rosenfeld

Line of soldiers wearing camouflage, snowy field


Russia may be about to invade Ukraine. Russians don’t want it to.

For Putin, invading Ukraine comes with political risk at home, show surveys conducted by Bryn Rosenfeld and colleauges.
Building with turrets with the sun setting behind
Moscow's city center with a view of the Kremlin


The Kremlin has a new toolkit for shutting down independent news media

Bryn Rosenfeld, assistant professor of government, writes in an op-ed in the Washington Post that the Russian government is making operations difficult for independent media outlets – even those that don’t criticize the Kremlin.
 People in drab clothes on a sidewalk


Putin’s support is weakening. Will that show up in Russia’s regional elections this weekend?

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Bryn Rosenfeld, assistant professor of government, and co-authors discuss whether waning support for Putin will show up in Sunday's  elections, featuring 9,000 races in 83 regions.