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Byline: Beatrice Jin

Mother and son placing food into an oven.


How the brain controls food intake

In this Cornell Research article, Nilay Yapici shares her genetic model organism and its use in understanding food perception and fo



The mysterious lipid signal

With this CAREER award, Jeremy M. Baskin, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, is developing chemical probes to study the phosphatidic acid-mediated signaling pathways that are vital to human health and wellbeing. Baskin’s group is using chemical and biochemical tools to report on and control phosphatidic acid synthesis and to study an important signaling pathway thought to be under the control of this lipid.
Author in outdoor setting


Social Connectedness and Stress

Exposure to stressors can profoundly influence how individuals cope with future challenges, sometimes priming them for future stress and sometimes debilitating them. While social connectedness has emerged as a key predictor of the psychophysiological impact of stress, it's very difficult to test in a lab setting.