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Staff changes will support interdisciplinary research

Julia Thom-Levy, professor of physics in the College of Arts and Sciences, has been named associate vice provost for physical sciences.
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Shapes of Mathematical Elegance

"In mathematics, somehow the truth often appears beautiful. It’s nice to have something where beauty and the truth usually coincide.”
 Lines of giant ceramic jars sunken into the earth


The Emperor’s Closet—Power and Storage

Astrid Van Oyen, a classical archaeologist and assistant professor in the department of classics, explores Rome’s tumultuous transition from republic to empire through everyday objects—namely storage systems— in her recent book.
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Electric-Powered Organic Chemistry

 Mukoma Wa Ngugi


Africans, African Americans, and the History of Slavery

In his poetry, fiction and essays, and Mukoma Wa Ngugi, associate professor of English, asks why tensions endure between Africans and African Americans despite a history of common political struggle. In this Cornell Research article, he talks about his first encounters with what it meant to be Black in the United States——in his father’s library in Kenya, reading James Baldwin and Richard Wright and issues of Ebony and Jet.

 Sand dune under a blue sky


The Ordered Patterns of Chance

Mathematician Lionel Levine researches the abelian sandpile—a mathmatical model that captures aspects of the real world but with simpler rules; in this Cornell Research article, Levine calls it a "toy universe."