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Byline: Palini Ramnarayan
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Waterfall along the gorge trail


Coming back to Ithaca

For many Cornell students, one of the most distinctive aspects about Cornell is its location. Ithaca gets the reputation of being a “college town.” This is true enough, given that much of Ithaca outside of Cornell is made up of vast fields and open farms. The farther out one drives from Cornell campus, the more remote the surroundings become. Cattle farms and looming silos replace the familiar brick buildings and clock tower that Cornell students see every day. 

Tarana performing at their showcase


Students find community in a capella group Tarana

One of the most distinctive aspects of college is a capella. It only takes a few weeks for the never-ending string of showcases and concerts to begin. Posters are plastered all over campus, and Ho Plaza is dominated by quarter cards. From the spontaneous arch sings to the nonstop Facebook invites, a capella groups are persistent to no end. What drives this persistence, though, is the immense loyalty and commitment that a capella fosters among its members.