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Will Biden and Trump face off again in 2024?

In Washington Post commentary, Roper Center director Peter K. Enns bucks conventional polling by asking Americans to name who they would like to see on the ticket, a technique that has proved remarkably accurate.
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Why aren’t Americans rallying around Biden during a war?

More Republicans disapprove of President Biden than Democrats disapprove of Trump: analysis by government professors Peter Enns and Douglas Kriner in the Washington Post.
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Americans aren’t learning about anti-Asian bias. We have the data.

Peter K. Enns, professor of government, and Katherine Zaslavsky, graduate student in sociology, write in the Washington Post that since the coronoavirus pandemic began, Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities have endured a spike in hate crimes, with elderly people attacked on the street and an Atlanta gunman killing eight people, six of them women of Asian descent. Are Americans aware of the trend? they ask.
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We predicted the states Biden would win 100 days before the election

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Democrats named Biden, Sanders and Warren as their top picks 18 months ago. What did the primaries change?

Research by Peter K. Enns, professor of government, and colleagues reveals some flaws in the primary system, Enns writes in this Washington Post opinion piece.