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Near Eastern Studies

As a Near Eastern studies major, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire language skills as well as familiarity with the history, cultures, literatures and religions of the Near East/Middle East from antiquity to the modern day. You’ll become acquainted broadly with the region – which extends from Turkey east through Iran and Afghanistan, south through the Arabian Pennisula to Yemen and across north Africa from Egypt to Morocco — and its cultures and be able to study a particular subfield in depth. Special focus is given to the ancient east Mediterranean and Mesopotamian regions and to the Levant and Egypt.

Sample Courses

  • Holy War, Crusade and Jihad
  • Education of Princes: Medieval Advice Literature of Rulership and Counsel
  • Women in the Modern Middle East
  • Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Students went off to

  • Pursue Middle Eastern studies at Harvard
  • Work as a corporate lawyer
  • Be an award-winning poet and translator