Meghana Gavirneni

Meghana Gavirneni in a red dress.

Project title: Anatomy of (Im)moral Decision Making

Project description: I will be exploring how our conception of morality - principles for determining right versus wrong - affect the decisions we choose to make and determine the actions we take. To explore this question, I will seek to understand the moral standards that regulate our conduct, learn how, as humans, we are predisposed and affected by concepts of morality, and explore how morality can be accounted for in decision making models.

Most important accomplishment: Playing my first Scrabble bingo (The word was "delivers" for 84 points).

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: Being a part of the College Scholar Program has given me the opportunity to interact with other driven students who are exceedingly passionate about their own diverse and interdisciplinary interests while also eager to collaborate and encourage one another. Additionally, the flexibility and openness of the program has allowed me to tailor my curriculum to my interests and take the classes that I am truly invested in.