Megan Chang

Megan Chang self portrait with blue background.

Project title: Finding Therapy in Noise: Acoustic Storytelling in Big Data Culture for Differently-Abled Populations

Project description: How does one’s primary language(s) affect the ability to create sounds? How are complex sounds perceived through assistive auditory technology? In what ways is silence significant? How do normalized sounds differ from rural to urban soundscapes? How has Big Data Culture impacted our perception of noise as opposed to sound? My project explores how people experience sound through an interdisciplinary study of music, psychology, disability studies, and information science.

Most important accomplishment: Receiving the President's Volunteer Service Award (managed by AmeriCorps and Points of Light) for teaching, refereeing, and dedication to the martial arts community.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The program encourages me to engage in courses that transcend traditional academic boundaries. I am grateful to have such a passionate and supportive cohort to share experiences and ideas with. Though each member has a unique topic, the community often offers new perspectives on unexpected common interests.