As a Spanish major, you’ll have the opportunity to explore in-depth the languages, literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. You’ll be invited to engage with topics as various as medieval sin and modern film, novels from early modern Spain (most famously, Don Quixote) and from modern Latin America. You’ll also be encouraged to study abroad and to reflect critically upon the diversity that characterizes the Hispanic tradition.

Sample classes

  • Early Iberian Survey
  • Perspectives on the Caribbean
  • Spanish Cinema: 1975-The Present
  • The Forgotten and the Damned: An Alternative History of Latin American Literature


All information below is based on the 2022 First-Destination Post-Graduate Survey. Lists are not exhaustive, rather they are a sampling of the data. If you would like to more information, please email

What can you do with a degree in Spanish? 

Graduate School: 

In 2022, 18% of Spanish students embarked on graduate school journeys. They pursued various advanced degrees, with 25% focusing on their MD, 17% working towards a certification, 17% dedicated to an MJD, and more. Their graduate field interest ranges from medicine (25%) to law (17%). 

These ambitious individuals have chosen to continue their education at prestigious institutions like Universidad de Buenos Aires, Brown University, University of Pennslyvania, and Georgetown University. 


71% of Spanish graduates secured employment, and the majority entered sectors in education (19%), government (15%), and consulting/professional practice (13%). Deloitte Consulting, the Ministry of Education of Spain, and Cornell University were the top 2022 employers.

Where 2022 Spanish Graduates Work

Employer Job Titles
Centro de los Derechos de Migrante, Inc.
Immigration Paralegal
Korea UNESCO Global Peace Village English Instructor
Ministry of Education of Spain English Language Teacher
Parent Powered Content Associate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion