Information Science

As an information science major, you’ll examine information systems in their social, cultural, economic, historical, legal and political contexts. Although computer science is an important part of the program, the emphasis is on systems and their use, rather than on the technologies that underlie them.

Sample classes

  • Health & Computation
  • Information Ethics, Law and Policy
  • Data-Driven Web Applications
  • Human Robot Interaction – Research & Design


All information below is based on the 2014-2018 First-Destination Post-Graduate Survey. Lists are not exhaustive; rather, they are a sampling of the data. "Other" includes time off, travel, volunteer experiences, and/or preparing for graduate school. If you would like more information, please email

74%   Employed
15%   Attending Grad School
8%     Seeking Employment
3%     Other

73% of the Class of 2014-2018 Information Science graduates completed the survey. n = 130

Below, you will find:

  • Top Employment Sectors
  • Where Graduates Work
  • Top Graduate Fields
  • Where Graduates Study

Top Employment Sectors

  • Technology (50%)
  • Financial Services (21%)
  • Consulting/Prof. Practice (11%)
  • Nonprofit Organization (4%), Communications/Media (4%)
  • Retail (3%), Education (8%)
  • Manufacturing (2%)
  • Business - Other (1%)

Where 2014-2018 Information Science Graduates Work

Employer Job Titles
Accenture Tech Analyst
AlphaSights Associate
Alteryx UX Designer
Amazon Knowledge Engineer
Appinions, Inc Sales Executive
Apple New Product Security
Product Management
AppNexus Client Success Associate
AQR Capital Management Business Analyst
Art19 UX Designer
Athenahealth Software Engineer
Autodesk UX Designer
Ayima SEO Consultant
Bank of America Merrill Lynch M&A Investment Banking Analyst
BlackRock Analyst
Portfolio Analyst
Aladdin Client Services Analyst
Blackstone Business Analyst (2)
Broadway Technology Client Services Engineer
Capital Group Companies Equity Research Associate
Capital One Cyber Security Software Engineer
Software Engineer (2)
CapTech Ventures IT Consultant
CBS Corporation Video Campaign Manager
Center for Investigative Reporting Intern
Comcast/NBCUniversal Media Tech Associate
Corporate IT Solutions Junior Level Developer
Deloitte Consulting Business Technology Analyst
Dressler LLC Front End Web Developer
Epic Systems Project Manager
Technical Services
EY Advisor
Technology Consultant (2)
Facebook Software Engineer
Felix Software Engineer
FiscalNote Associate Product Manager
General Electric (GE) Information Technology Leadership Program
Goldman Sachs Analyst
Market Risk Management Analyst
Google Product Designer
Software Engineer
IBM Software Engineer
Software Developer (2)
Associate Offering Manager
Data Scientist
Strategy Consultant/Data Scientist
UX Designer (2)
Isobar Functional Analyst
ITG System Analyst
Johnson & Johnson IT Leadership Development Program
JPMorgan Chase & Co Analyst
Application Developer
JRI America Software Developer
Leidos Software Developer
LinkedIn Associate Web Developer
Site Reliability Engineer
Macquarie Equity Research Associate
Mashable Production Associate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Data visualization Specialist
MasterCard Product Management Associate
Microsoft Program Manager (2)
Technical Consultant
Software Engineer
MITRE Corporattion Java Developer
MRI Software Software Engineer
Petco Inc eCommerce Analyst
PJT Partners Analyst
Revenue Solutions Inc Associate Consultant (2)
Sapient Global Markets UX Designer
Slack Technologies Software Engineer
Spartan Race Business Analytics Strategist
Squarespace Creative Developer
Standard & Poor's Business Analyst
Suvoda Associate Product Manager
The Expert Institute Research Analyst
Vandis Engineer
Veeva Systems Associate Consultant
Venture for America Fellow
Visa, Inc UX Designer
Wayfair Business Intelligence Analyst
Workday Software Engineer
Software Application Engineer (2)
Zendrive Product Design Intern

Top Graduate Fields Pursued

  • Information Science (75%)
  • Computer Science (15%)
  • Law (5%)
  • Human Computer Interaction (5%)

Graduate Degrees Pursued

  • MPS (70%)
  • MEng (15%)
  • JD (10%)
  • PhD (5%)

Where 2014-2018 Information Science Graduates Study

  • Cornell University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Stanford University
  • University of California-Berkeley