Lin Ai

Lin Ai by the ocean in a t-shirt.

Project title: Two Facets of Love in the Middle Ages: Medieval Romance and Mysticism

Project description: Medieval romance provides a fantastic landscape that consists of an eclectic choice of multiple narrative and lyrical traditions floating across the porous linguistic boundaries during the Middle Ages. It also represents how a socially conforming genre, written for and about the aristocratic world, proves to be so unstable that it provides space for subversion. Mysticism, on the other hand, showcases an alternative route to theology aside from the more serious exegesis during the time and poses interesting questions of gender and marginality. I plan to look at these two kinds of writing in tandem in my project and hopefully construct a framework for understanding the idea of fluidity in self, body and text. 

Most important accomplishment: Yet to come!

Reflections on the College Scholar program: The college scholar program gives the freedom, space, and courage to think about what I truly want to pursue in my academic studies. This was unimaginable when I first came to college and felt bewildered by the distribution requirements that I have to fulfill.