Lily Nicholson

Project Title: Feeding the Future: Adapting Agriculture Policy to Climate Change in the Middle East

Project Description: I would like to explore how to adapt agricultural policy to a changing climate in the Middle East. There are three main questions that this project will explore: What are some technical agricultural solutions that can be used to adapt agriculture to the increasingly extreme weather and temperatures in the Middle East? What international policies affect the use of these new agricultural practices (for example what is the role of the IMF and humanitarian aid)? And finally, how can the United States change its foreign policy and development policy towards Middle Eastern countries to better support stability in the face of climate change?

Most Important Accomplishment: That I have now spent so much time in the Manuscript Reading Room at the Library of Congress that the staff know me by name.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I spent my sophomore spring as a research assistant for a PhD student, and I loved getting to immerse myself in a niche topic. I am excited to now focus on a topic of my own interest and gain graduate-level research skills while still in undergrad. In addition, though my research focus is very specific, I am excited about gaining exposure to a multitude of fascinating disciplines in pursuit of my College Scholar degree.