Joseph Mullen


Project Title: Universal Apartheid in the World System 

Project Description: My project will explore how difficult it has been to agree on a universal definition of "Apartheid" long after the epiphenomenon has politically and legally concluded in South Africa. Why do we continue to hear the term Apartheid everywhere from discussions on vaccines or food inequality, from climate change to Palestine? I seek to explore the conflicting interpretations of Apartheid, from a radical Marxist analysis to a more human-rights centric, liberal internationalist analysis, and engage with the debates surrounding the evolution of Apartheid itself to a global scale.

Most Important Accomplishment: Going to South Africa to conduct original research

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The program is useful to combine an interest in a multitude of areas -from Near Eastern and Africana Studies, to political economy, philosophy, and history. It is great to combine all these to study Apartheid itself as a system in all its multifaceted ways.