Jordan Richards

Jordan Richards

Project Title: The Image of Criminality: Wrongdoing and Cultural Inheritance

Project Description: My project stems from three questions:

1) How do societal expectations change depending on the individual in question? From the perspective of the individual? From the perspective of society as a whole?

2) To what extent does injustice connect one group to the

3) What does our stereotypic image of “criminality” say about how we view the people said characteristics apply to/originate from?

Most Important Accomplishment: “You inspire me to pursue more.” I have received a handful of messages from friends, family, and acquaintances sharing this sentiment, and it is by far my most important accomplishment. Being first-generation and low-income, from an area where that is the norm, I am proudest of being able to show even a small number of people that what seems unattainable is much closer than we were allowed to believe.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar Program provides an interesting framework for thinking about the ideas presented inside and outside of classrooms in conjunction with one another. The College Scholar community furthers the reach of this academic interconnectivity by directly pooling together the knowledge of many people. Group discussions and brainstorming have shown me resources I might not have come across on my own and, more importantly, perspectives I might not have considered independently.