John Yoon

John Yoon in gray shirt with glasses.

Project title: How do ethical considerations change between the individual and the group?

Project description: My project looks at how morality changes when we consider what is ethical for an individual, compared to what we consider ethical for a group. My project will delve into various field of study, with the main focus being on psychology, philosophy, government, and economics. While my project hasn’t been concretely defined, I hope to specifically look at how businesses or public officials embody certain aspects of both the individual and the group, and why these considerations occur.

Most important accomplishment: TBD (I don’t have any important accomplishment that comes to mind, but I am sure something will appear by senior year. In other words, stay tuned!)

Reflection on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar program has given me the freedom to choose any class I wish to take without having to worry about distribution requirements. When I first came to Cornell, I wanted to triple major so that I can explore all of the courses and subjects that I wanted to take. Unfortunately, I soon realized that the number of credits and major requirements that I would have had to fill, would have limited my abilities to make our course load truly reflect my interests. Now, as a College Scholar, I can still take the courses that help me explore the subjects that I am truly interested in without being dragged down by major requirements. Cornell is a place for any person for any study, and the College Scholar Program reflects that in the best way possible.