Jenna Fields

Jenna Fields self portrait photo.

Project Title: The Possibility and Ethics of Attempting to Recreate Consciousness

Project Description: Can we recreate consciousness? And, if we can, should we? What, if anything, is unique about human consciousness? Is this potential uniqueness non-replicable? My research focuses on not only the methods of recreating consciousness, but also the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in doing so. I am studying how we can computerize consciousness from both technical and ethical perspectives.

Most Important Accomplishment: I see accomplishment as relative to experience. I am proud of my commitment to curiosity, family, integrity, and living in the moment, but I believe (and hope) my most important accomplishment is, simply put, not yet accomplished.

Reflections on the College Scholar program: The College Scholar major allows me to pursue my intellectual inquiries in the most fulfilling way possible. I can structure my education around the questions that were previously just scribbles in journals; it gives me unparalleled freedom. As a double major College Scholar and English, I appreciate the way College Scholar helps me unify my seemingly isolated interests.