Ingrid Comella

Ingrid Comella in a yellow sweater.

Project Title: Crisis and Consumption: How the Covid-19 Pandemic has altered American Consumption and the Future of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals

Project Description: It is impossible to deny that the Covid-19 pandemic has greatly altered food, media, and other consumption patterns in the U.S. and will continue to do so in the near future. However, the way in which these changes will inform future sustainability efforts is widely unknown. I define the term ‘consumption’ as an exchange of time or capital for the use (purchasing, ingesting, expending) of a good or commodity for human gain. I define ‘media’ as a means of widespread communication including but not limited to television, radio, newspapers, social media, and art. In these contexts, I intend to examine how historical public health crises that changed American consumption behaviors, such as the AIDS Epidemic, might predict how the Covid-19 pandemic may impact food and media consumption on various levels and scales. I also plan to assess whether a post-Covid-19 world is on track to meet sustainability targets outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, despite Covid-19 related changes in the consumption of food, media, and more.

Most Important Accomplishment: One accomplishment that is important to me is being accepted into the College Scholar Program. I had been interested in the program since freshman year and I am so proud to have been selected for the program.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: I am so grateful that the College Scholar Program has allowed me to explore my interdisciplinary interests in such an enriching way and it is extremely inspiring to work in tandem with such a diverse and passionate group of students. I have already learned an incredible amount from my peers in the program and I look forward to growing with them as scholars over the next few years. Additionally, the flexibility of the program allows me to simultaneously pursue my adjacent interests in the Environment & Sustainability major.