Grace Tran

Grace Tran sitting against a nature background.

Project Title: Reshaping the Art Museum

Project Description: My project lies at the intersections of art history, museum anthropology, and public history. Essentially, I am trying to understand what role museums play in society and how that role changes over time, and in different spaces. While I focus on art museums in particular, I also examine other types of museums (history, science, etc) in order to fundamentally understand the institution as a whole. I hope to be able to address crucial problems within the museum industry and help create solutions and changes.

Most Important Accomplishment: I'm keeping this open so I constantly have something to strive for.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: Being able to shape my own curriculum has been incredibly liberating. Because of my vast interests that span many different departments, I was at first scared I would miss out on taking many of the courses I wanted to take, especially due to the large amount of graduation requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences. However, the independent nature of the College Scholar Program has assured me that I will be able to enroll in exactly what I need and want to take without worrying about going overhours or graduating on time. I am also very grateful to have met the other College Scholars and I can't wait to get closer to the others in my cohort and watch their projects develop!