Elizaveta Zabelina

Liza Zabelina

Project Title: Continuity: Patterns in Theory and the Natural World

Project Description: Continuity as a concept exists on the border of chaos and order, wave-like and particle-specific behavior; it is closely related to notions of symmetry and conservation laws. Singularities of cosmic importance (e.g., the birth of the universe) give rise to continuity of space and time; a continuous process of development of biological organisms underlies a discrete change. Expressivity gained by uninterrupted contact of a bow with a string is very different from the expressivity of a keyboard instrument with its discrete keys. Emphasis on transformations in category theory instead of collections of elements in set theory signifies that continuity as a method of reasoning has its unique features. Which aspects of the dialectics between the continuum and the singularity are immanent to the natural world, and which are a result of human cognitive process? Is there proof that continuity exists outside of our minds? Connecting threads from mathematics, music, physics, psychology, and philosophy, I will study phenomena of discreteness and continuity to gain a deeper understanding of the world, abstract and material.  

Most Important Accomplishment: Putting together a book of poetry, yet to be published.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: Having a map of my academic journey in mind, I see the College Scholar Program as a compass, bridging the gap between idea and reality. The program offers unique resources for individual guidance and support, community of like-minded students and attentive advisors. I am looking forward to the semesters ahead: my intellectual life is on the threshold of wondrous opportunities.