Devisree Tallapaneni


Project Title: Analysis of Noise Factors in Cosmology Research

Project Description: Combining areas of astronomy, physics, statistics, and data analysis, my project examines the various factors which negatively affect the quality of data commonly used in the field of cosmology. The aim is to ultimately identify which of the factors that cannot be well accounted for during the process of data cleaning cause the greatest noise. This way the factors which significantly lower the signal-to-noise ratio can be identified and understood.

Most Important Accomplishment: My most important accomplishment so far includes leading my high school Environmental club to make the school more eco-friendly and receiving an Environmental Stewardship Award as a result of our efforts.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: The College Scholar Program has afforded me the opportunity to expand my coursework to all the classes which interest me. Moreover, while I could not take part in the College Scholar Seminar this semester due to course conflicts, I have met the passionate cohort of students in my year with whom I cannot wait to interact more frequently. And although the program definitely has structure, it is flexible and independent in nature, allowing me to adjust my schedule as well as focus my time on the factors I find to be the most important. This I find to be the best part of the College Scholar Program.