Daniel Vebman

​ Daniel Vebman self portrait photo. ​

Project title: Interpersonal Relationships in Network Settings

Project description: In my project, I hope to apply the analytical tools of Computer Science and Economics to problems with both a theoretical and a practical component. In other words, I hope to combine these two disciplines by applying them to a subject that is intellectually challenging and has concrete, even actionable implications for the real world. At the moment, I intend to study some subset of interpersonal relationships through this interdisciplinary lens. I am currently debating between the spillover effects of mass incarceration on families, corruption on the personal level, and other social phenomena.

Most important accomplishment: I set up the lights in my grandpa’s backyard. He enjoys them every day.

Reflections on the College Scholar Program: Even though I have barely just begun, I have already benefited from knowing the other students in my cohort. Especially in our weekly seminar, each of my classmates has a unique perspective and different ideas on how I can enrich my own research.