Vanessa Olguin

Vanessa Olguin

Project title: Environmental Studies, Migration and International Relations: Looking at the Climate Refugees in the Asia Pacific and Latin America region. 

Project description:  My project examines imminent (or present) ecological and natural disasters tied to climate change in Asia Pacific and in Latin America. I seek to understand these effects on the communities in these regions, looking particularly at the environmental and economic policy implemented to aid the communities, migration patterns in the areas most affected, and migration policies in the countries most affected by incoming migration (U.S and China). 

Most important accomplishment:  My most important accomplishment is being awarded a Certificate by the California State Assembly for volunteer work in Pacoima, CA. 

Reflections on the College Scholar Program:  I don’t think I would have ever found myself advising my economics friend to take a food science class or ESS class. College Scholar has allowed me to not only pursue and think of my studies in an interdisciplinary way but also enable others to expand their realm of possibility and engage in an array of subjects that may be important for an understanding of their studies. College Scholar has given me the freedom to be able to take classes that completely pique my interest without the caveat of it not meeting my graduation requirements.