Hannah Marks

Hannah Marks

Project title:  Exploring the Cycle of Business, Technology, and Gender Inequality

Project description:  I’m interested in the role the technology economy plays in facilitating gender hierarchy and inequality in American society. Specifically, I’m interested in the cycle of business shaping technology, technology producing gender inequality and social narratives, and those inequalities manifesting themselves in business. To do this, I will use the contraceptive technology market as a case study market to look at how an inherently sexed technology is designed, tested, marketed, and interacted with in a gendered way, as well as gender roles in technology business structures and models. My end goal is an understanding of how these inequalities can be addressed through policies targeted at the technology economy.

Most important accomplishment:  Racing a good race at the Ivy League Women’s Rowing Championships in May. 

Reflections on the College Scholar Program:  I think the biggest impact the College Scholar Program has had on me thus far, in these early stages, is the ability to think outside of the box in terms of what I want to know. I think I would have been compelled to define my interests and career goals based on existing programs of study, but the ability to take risks and explore my ideas, without being forced to think within confines of existing majors, has helped me grow as a person and appreciate the learning process more than I otherwise might have.